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Treegator® Bags are ready to move whenever you are. Treegator® is a portable irrigation system in a bag. Each bag weighs less than 2 lbs. when empty, and can be folded or rolled up for quick and easy transport or storage. Treegator® allows you to efficiently water your trees, and then move on. Fill Treegator® Original bag with water to desired level and let drain. Treegator® Original will be empty in approximately 5 to 9 hours. Follow a fill schedule based on the size of your new planting see below Once empty, remove bag from tree, move to another planting and re-fill, or store until needed again. The original Treegator watering bag is ideal for your young saplings -- and you can't go wrong with our highly reviewed Treegator Drip Irrigation Bag. This 20-gallon bag wraps around the tree's trunk to help decrease watering frequency and save resources. Treegator saves you time, money and effort - all while properly and efficiently watering your tree over a 5 to 9 hour time period. Other products may look like, or even claim to work as good or better than a Treegator, but Treegator is the ONLY slow-release watering bag that has been used and trusted by industry professionals worldwide since 1989. Treegator is a product that addresses that very issue. It's essentially a portable drip irrigation system in a bag. The "bag" is a leak-proof bladder that has tiny pinholes in the bottom. Wrap the Treegator around the trunk, fill it with water and, during the next six to 12 hours water is released slowly into the soil.

Feature:A Single Bag Setup 1 bag is ideal for watering newly trees from 1" to 4" in caliper trunk dia. with branches at least 25" from the ground or higher.Use a Double Bag Setup by zipping 2 Treegator® Original Bags together back-to-back to accommodate trees up to 8" in caliper trunk. A Treegator is a slow release watering bag for evergreens and shrubs. Fill just 1 or 2 times a week and you are done. Promotes deep root growth and reduces transplant and drought shock. The treegators helped us to save time on watering and they enabled us to get enough water right to the root system and water deeply which is important for young trees. They are very easy to use. Treegator Drip Irrigation Bag 20 gal. The Spectrum TreeGator 20 Gal. Tree-Watering System features reinforced green polyethylene construction and heat-sealed edges for excellent durability. This tree-watering system is ideal for deep-saturation watering of your tree. The Tree Watering Bag is a slow drip irrigation system that will deliver water directly to the root system through the micro-perforated release points along bottom seam. It eliminates severe water stress that new trees endure after transplanting.

Treegator® is a slow release watering system for trees. Treegator® delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree over an extended time period; allowing for deep water saturation with no run-off.

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